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The date and result of the Pyramids and Al Dakhiliya match 12-23-2022 in the Egyptian League

The date and result of the Pyramids and Al Dakhiliya match 12-23-2022 in the Egyptian League

 The result of the Pyramids match against Al-Dakhiliya today, Friday, El Dakhleyah Vs Pyramids , as part of the postponed matches from the ninth round of the Egyptian Premier League competitions

 for this year 2022/2023, and it is assumed that the Zamalek team will meet the counterpart of the Pyramids team on the grounds of the first-party stadium, Al-Dakhiliya Club, which is a stadium

 Petro Sport at eight o'clock in the evening Mecca time, and it is assumed that the two teams will play a strong match and one of them wins and gains three points in order to compensate for his missed points

 and reach an advanced position in the Egyptian League for the current season, and today the Pyramids and Zamalek match will start on ON Time Sport 1 with 

the commentator Hatem Batisha at exactly seven o'clock in the evening, Cairo time, and eight o'clock in the evening, Saudi time, on

Pyramids match and the interior today

Al-Dakhiliya team is the first party and the owner of the stadium for today’s meeting, as part of the matches of the ninth round of the Egyptian Premier League matches against the counterpart 

of the Pyramids Club, Al-Dakhiliya could not achieve victory in the last match in the eighth round of the Egyptian League matches, when it met with the counterpart of the Ceramica Cleopatra team

 on Last Monday, the match ended with the two teams tied negatively without goals, and currently it is the seventeenth and penultimate place in the Egyptian league standings table, with four points, due to not achieving victory in any matches, drawing in four 

matches, and also losing four matches before today’s meeting, and today this interior enters The meeting is looking

 for gaining three points against Pyramids to prove itself in today’s match and achieve its first victory and try to improve its position in the standings table.

Al-Dakhiliya and Pyramids match today

On the other hand, the Pyramids team is the second party and the guest of today’s meeting within the framework of the sixth week rounds of the Egyptian League in front of the first party, the counterpart of  the Dakhiliyah Club. 

The Pyramids team is currently ranked fourth in the Egyptian league standings table with seventeen points, in order to achieve victory in five matches and a draw.

 In two matches and losing in one match, and in the last match that the Pyramids club played, it was with the counterpart of the Aswan club last Monday in the framework of the matches of the last round of

 the Egyptian League, and the match ended with the victory of the Pyramids club, with a score of two goals against one goal, Pyramids enters today’s meeting and is fully prepared for the interior match In

 the matches of the ninth round of the Egyptian League competitions and gaining three points to seize second place from Zamalek Club and compete for the lead.

The result of the Pyramids match and the interior today

The match between Pyramids and Al-Dakhiliya ended today, Friday, in the framework of the ninth round of the Egyptian League matches, with the victory of Al-Dakhiliya club, with a score of two goals to one.

Yesterday, Friday, the Biramdes team was defeated by the Egyptian League by the internal team with two goals in the game that brought them together as part of the ninth round of the Egyptian League contest.

As result, the Beramdez balance at point 17, at the fifth place by order the Egyptian league schedule, which was set out of 9 games, where it won 5 meetings, equal in two games and lost two confrontations before the colleags and the Interior, his players scored 11 goals and received 6 targets.

The Beramides team has continued to make unsatisfactory offers since the beginning of the excellent periodic this season, which has led to the anger of the team's management.

The events of the Biramed and the inner game

The registration of the Biramed team was opened by the South African star Fakar Lakai, in 57 minutes of the game time.

Before the internal team was equalled by the league player Rashid Ahmed at the 73th minute.

Rashid Ahmed returned to continue to be synergy and scored the second target of the inside at 78 minute.

The first reaction from the Beramdes administration following the defeat in front of the inner

In the first reaction from the management of the Beramdez club to defeating the sky team yesterday, from the internal team with a 2.1.

This defeat, which was a shock for the sky team, as it was an unexpected defeat, especially since the team was forward with a view.

Thus, the Beramides Club administration decided to impose strong financial sanctions against team players, after this defeat last night.

The Department was established there after this defeat, and the Peramedes Administration decided to apply cruel sanctions to the players in accordance with the regulation.

It is seen that the potential difference between the sky team and the new delegation of the excellent role, is not permitted and not to lose this such such as yesterday.

A meeting will also be held with the Greek technical director Tax Jones, Technical Director of the Peramedes Group, to know the reasons for the loss of the Panel and the reasons for such unsatisfactory performance.

The first part of the first part of my internal and Bermudez began in the game between them as part of the ninth round of the Superuption of the Egypt League League League.

The Inland Club was under the leadership of the Art Director's Shia, the game was composed of: (in the guarding of the goal: Mr. 's satisfaction
In the line 

of defence: Mohamed Najib, Now Kyabadi, Abdulaziz Mr. Abdel Nabi, in the midpoint: Mohammad Atar, Keliche, Mohamed Nasir, in the line of attack: Walid Mustafa, Mustafa , Kertsver)

In return, the Biramed Club under the leadership of Tax Jones, the technical director of the game by forming 

a component of: (the Ravish: Ahmed Al-Shanaoui, the defence line: Ali Gabr-Osamal-Mohamed Hamdi-Abdullah Majdi, the intermediary: Abdullah Al-Sayd-Islam-AssAsssa-Blate-Tafifi-Tafifi, the line of attack: Fakhi Lakai-Khakhadadine-Bin-Youssuss)
He's on the seats.

Sharif Ekrami - Ahmed Sami - Mahmoud Donga - Mohamed Sadk - Hisham Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Fathi - Karim Hafez - Ibrahim Adel-Dodu Jabas

The Governors Committee was based on the management of the internal and Permids game to a crew of rulers led by the Omar Sabai, assisted by 

the Assistant Majid Meligh, Karim Mohamed Younis and Hamhamm Fall, the fourth rule. Along with Mohamed Abdulaziz, the video rule and Yara passion Assistant for the video rule.

Peramdez is ranked fourth on the regular ranking schedule with 17 points, while the domy is 4 points.