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Who is Tariq Hamed, what are his most important achievements, and what is the nature of his life and career?

Who is Tariq Hamed, what are his most important achievements, and what is the nature of his life and career?

An Egyptian football player, plays in the center
of the Egyptian club Zamalek, in addition to representing his country.

Biography of Tariq Hamed

Tarek Hamed is an Egyptian football player who is considered one of the pillars of the Egyptian club Zamalek, and many talk about him being the actual leader of Zamalek, even though the one who takes the leadership signal is Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq.

 Tarek joined Zamalek in 2014, and was chosen to join the Egyptian national team in 2013. 

He achieved many collective achievements with his club, and was not very successful with the national team; He holds the number 3 in the Zamalek club and the number 8 in the Egyptian national team.

Tarek is subjected to a lot of criticism in the street and in the Egyptian sports community and is called the mischievous nickname, although his football history is clean

 and contains a regular number of zero cards, and several indirect red cards, as is the case of any defensive midfielder, and he has not previously caused any 

direct injury to any player in spherical contacts, and recently there were some rumors about him assaulting another player.

The beginnings of Tariq Hamed

Tariq Hamed Al-Saeed Hamed was born on October 24, 1988, in the village of Kafr Al-Asala in the city of Talkha, which is affiliated with Dakahlia in Egypt.

 In it until 2014, when he signed a contract to join the Egyptian club Zamalek, and he plays in it until now.

His real beginning was before joining Zamalek, when he was called up to join the Saudi national team, and his first match with the national team was a friendly match against

 the Qatari team on March 7, 2013, and ended with the Pharaohs winning by three goals to one, in which Tariq played 75 minutes.

Tariq Hamed's personal life

Tariq Hamed is keen to distance his personal life from the media, so that he rarely appears with his wife and family on the media. 

He has a son and a daughter, and his son is called "Asser".

Facts about Tariq Hamed

Tariq Hamed is 169 centimeters tall and weighs 67 kilograms.

Tariq Hamed played in the 2020 sports season, which he feared interruptions due to the global Corona crisis, 21 games in which he received 9 warnings and two red cards.

Hamed's purchasing value declined, and he lost 300,000 euros of his value during the current month of April due to the Corona crisis, bringing his current value to one million and two hundred thousand euros.

He was subjected to a discount of 500 thousand Egyptian pounds due to his appearance on the Ramez Jalal program in the Ramadan 2020 season.

Achievements of Tariq Hamed

He achieved many achievements with Zamalek and with the Egyptian national team, where he participated with the Egyptian team in 42 matches, the most prominent of which was participating in the 2018 World Cup finals.

 Unfortunately, the results were unsatisfactory for the Egyptian fans.

 Recently, Egypt hosted the African Nations Championship, but left from the round of 16 after losing to South Africa with a goal for free, but Tarek was a milestone on the field.

Tariq was also a pillar of the national team in the African Nations matches and the qualifying matches for the 2022 African Nations Cup, where the team played two matches against Kenya and Comoros.

As for Zamalek, who showed his love for him and his loyalty to the white shirt from the beginning, and indeed he was a difficult and trusted number for the whole team, and he achieved many important achievements with him: 

the Egyptian Premier League for one season 2014-2015, the Egyptian Super Cup twice in 2017 and 2020, and the Egypt Cup Four semi-consecutive times 2015, 2016, 2018 

and 2019, the Egyptian-Saudi Super Cup once in 2018, the African Confederation Cup for one season 2018-2019, and most recently the African Super Cup in 2020.

He scored 208 matches in football, in which he scored five goals and contributed to making seven other goals, and he was also subjected to 50 warnings and 4 indirect red cards, and was not subjected to a direct expulsion. 

He is described by many as violent and some coaches object to his tough style that relies on strength, but what is undeniable is that he is an important player in the club who has proven his worth, attending match after match.

He was recently nominated in the list of the best African player on the continent at the end of 2019.