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Who is Fahd Al-Mafraj, the history of his sports career and the club he joined?

Who is Fahd Al-Mafraj, the history of his sports career and the club he joined?

Fahad Al-Mafraj, a Saudi football player, was known for his wise and intelligent management of one of the most important sports clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Biography of Fahd Al-Mufarrej

He discovered his distinguished football talent at an early age, joining the Saudi Al Hilal Club in Riyadh, and progressing 

through its successive Sunni categories to the first team, showing significant football skills and creativity.

Al-Faraj later moved to Al-Ettifaq Sports Club, and he was one of the most important factors and causes of the rise in the team. Many sports. Learn about 

the biography, achievements, judgment, sayings and all the information you need about Fahd Al-Mufarrej.

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The beginnings of Fahd Al-Mufarrej

Fahd Al-Mafraj was born on April 12, 1978 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fahad Al-Mafraj's personal life

Fahd Al-Mafraj managed to hide the details of his private life from the media and social networking sites.

Facts about Fahad Al Mufarrej

Fahd Al-Mafraj was subjected to some criticism when he became an administrator in Al-Hilal Club, and the most important of these criticisms that erupted in the sports community is the commentary of the sports writer 

and critic “Fahd Al-Rouqi” on one of the matches between Al-Hilal and Al-Qadisiyah in January 2018. "Fahd Al-Mafraj: Where is the team spirit? What are you

 doing, (manager)" and the responses poured out between a supporter of Al-Ruqi and a defender 
of Al-Mafraj
Al-Hilal club captain and former president, "Sami Al-Jaber" commented on the resignation of the player Fahd Al-Mufarrej, through these words on his 

personal account on Twitter: "My testimony is wounded in my brother Fahd Al-Mufarrej. He loves, but rather loves, Hilal. When you search for someone who occupies the position of football director, you will 

search for a group Among the qualities that I do not exaggerate if I say that they meet in him.. He endures pressures, works silently, loyal and faithful, an example and a wonderful example for the official.. 

His departure is undoubtedly a loss and an alternative with his specifications is a difficult task... What suffers from working in the position of football director is that he will not have a share of flattery when 

The achievement is achieved and, in return, he receives his share of severe criticism at the loss.. From the heart, thank you to the dear Fahd Al-Mafraj, I have endured a lot."

Achievements of Fahad Al Mufarrej

With the beginning of the nineties, Fahd Al-Mafraj joined the Saudi Al-Hilal Club and trained within its multiple teams, and graduated between 

the youth and youth categories, and participated in some matches to show a wonderful performance that made him join the first team with ease and welcome.

He played in most matches in the left-back position of the club's defense and scored several goals that were crucial and very important for his club, such as his goal against

 Club Africain during the 2005 Arab Champions League, which took place in Tunisia during the month of November 2004.

And his two goals during the 2007 Saudi Premier League matches, against Al-Nasr in November 2007 and at Al-Taei Club in December of the same year.

In May 2008, he participated with his Saudi Al Hilal team in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup for Champions and scored a goal against the Saudi Al Ittihad club.

On February 27, 2009, during the Saudi Crown Prince Cup matches, Al-Mufarrej scored his most important goals for Al-Hilal, the last of which was against the Saudi Al-Shabab Club.

With the end of the 2008-2009 sports season, Fahd Al-Mafraj decided to end his career with Al-Hilal, amid great astonishment that his official contract with this team would 

not expire before a year, but he stated that his decision was irreversible and was taken after serious discussions with the administrators of Al-Hilal Club. Thus, the final settlement was made with him.

With the beginning of the 2009-2010 sports season, Al-Mafarrej moved under an official sports contract for one year to the Saudi Ettifaq Club

He contributed in this sports season to a terrible progress for Al-Ettifaq Club through the Saudi league table.

He renewed his contract with the same club for another sports season "2010-2011", but this season was not professional for him, as he was 

absent from most of the club's local and international matches, and it is likely that the reason for this was 

his repeated injuries that weakened his performance on the field, which made this sports season a final season. him as a player.

In January 2013, Al-Mufarrej was appointed manager of the first team in the Saudi Al-Hilal Club. He led this team

 towards many local championships and achievements. In this sports season “2013-2014” the Saudi Hilal won the Crown Prince Cup.

In the 2015-2016 sports season, his team won the Saudi Super Cup and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup

In the 2016-2017 sports season, Al Hilal won the Crown Prince Cup for the second time

In the 2017-2018 sports season, Al Hilal won the Saudi Professional League and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup for the second time.

In May 2018, Al-Mafarrej became the general coordinator of the first team at Al Hilal, and in this sports season "2018-2019",

 Al Hilal won the Saudi Professional League title for the second time in a row and the Saudi Super Cup.

In May 2019, Fahd Al-Mafraj announced his resignation from Al-Hilal Club, and the club's management agreed to this resignation, offering him a lot of thanks

 and gratitude for what he presented to the club as a former player and recently as a manager of the first team.