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Who is the age of Al-Soma and what is his nationality | The most important information about the player Omar Al-Soma

Who is the age of Al-Soma and what is his nationality |  The most important information about the player Omar Al-Soma

 Omar Al Somah is a Syrian football player. He currently plays for the Saudi Al-Ahly club and the Syrian national football team.

Omar Al Somah's biography

He is the most famous Syrian player at the present time, perhaps even though he has not represented his country yet, and one of the best Arab strikers, and he is currently playing in Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

 He started his professional career at the age of 12 when he joined the “Al-Fatwa” club and joined the first team in 2008 

and won the Syrian Under-18 League title with him in the 2007/2008 season and won the top scorer title by scoring 29 goals.

In 2011, he moved to Al-Qadisiyah in Kuwait after the Syrian activity stopped due to the unfortunate events in the country, to participate with him in three seasons and play 68 matches in which he scored 43 goals 

and won the Kuwaiti League title twice, the Prince Cup twice, the Crown Prince Cup twice and the Kuwaiti Super Cup twice, before moving to Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia in 2014 

to continue his brilliance with him, where he achieved the title of top scorer in the Saudi League in the first season by scoring 22 goals in the league and in 

the second season he scored 27 goals in the league only, and continued to shine until he scored 100 goals with him.

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The beginnings of Omar Al-Soma

Omar Jihad Al-Soma was born in the Syrian city of Al-Zour in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border on March 28, 1989; He was passionate about football, so he

 officially started playing it at the age of 12 when he joined the junior team in the "Al-Fatwa" club, which was the most prominent club in the city at the time.

His first championship was with him in the 2007/2008 season when he won the Syrian Under-18 League title. 

He also won the top scorer title at the time, scoring 29 goals, outperforming his closest rival - Siban Ismail - with 14 goals.

He starred with his Al-Fatwa team for almost three seasons before the tragic Syrian war broke out and resulted in the cessation of football activity, so he moved to the Kuwaiti Al-Qadisiyah Club in August 2011

 to continue to shine with him for three seasons in which he won many local titles, where he won the Kuwaiti League two seasons, the Crown Prince Cup twice and the

 Kuwaiti Super Cup On two occasions, he attracted the attention of the Gulf clubs until the Saudi Al-Ahly Club succeeded in contracting him, even though he was a follower of the Saudi Hilal.

Omar Al-Soma's personal life

As for Omar Al-Soma’s religion, beliefs and original sect, he was born into a Sunni Muslim

Omar Al-Soma's Achievements

Al-Soma joined Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia in the 2014/2015 season, and his brilliance began with a quick start in the first season with his first participation on August 16, 2014, and in his first participation in 

the Abdul Latif Jameel League on February 13, 2015 against Al-Jawhara team, which ended in favor of Al-Ahly with a score of 6-1, of which he scored three goals.

 to be his first hat-trick; He also scored 22 goals in the league, thus setting a record as the player to score the most goals in one season in the Saudi League - Abdul Latif Jameel League - with its new name "Professional League".

In the same season, he scored 3 goals in the Crown Prince Cup and 6 goals in the AFC Champions League, bringing a total of 31 goals, and succeeded in winning the Crown Prince Cup this season. 

His brilliance increased in the following season, scoring 27 goals in the league to break his record from the previous season, two goals in the Crown Prince Cup, 4 goals in the King's Cup and a goal in

 the Asian Champions League, becoming the first player to score more than 20 goals in the league for two consecutive

 seasons, and this season achieved the Saudi League title after being He was absent from the club's coffers for 32 years!

He continued to win trophies this season, winning the King's Cup and the Saudi Super Cup, until his efforts were crowned by winning the title of best player of the season.

And last season, he set a new record, but this time globally, by winning the title of the fastest scorer in the world by scoring 50 goals in just 45 games, breaking the record of Swedish

 striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored 50 goals in 59 games, and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 50 goals in 51 

matches, including 24 goals in the league, two goals in the AFC Champions League, one goal in the King's Cup and 7 goals in the Crown Prince Cup.

Omar Al-Soma participated with the national team in 2008 with the Syrian national under-19 team against the Iraqi team in the Asian Under-19 Football Championship that was held in Saudi Arabia.

The player sparked widespread controversy, as he refused to join the national team several times, calling him up, as he apologized for no apparent reason despite declaring his desire to represent his 

country; The masses disappeared because of the reason for his refusal. Some of them believe that he preferred the money to represent his country, and some of them 

attributed it to political reasons, and some of them said that he was forced to do so to play for a Saudi club, and some of them 

admire his decision because he supports the Syrian revolution and not the Syrian regime, while the team represents the regime more, of course.

In general, many statements came out from officials that there are no problems with him joining the national team and they will include him if they qualify for 

the 2018 World Cup, and then we will see if he will answer the call or not. It is also worth noting that Al-Hilal club applied to naturalize him by granting him 

Nationality of the player Omar Al Somah

Saudi citizenship to play for the Saudi national team, but Fadi Al-Daba, director of the Syrian national teams, confirmed that this will not happen because the Syrian Federation will not agree to this step, and the approval of the Syrian Federation is necessary for this matter.

The Syrian League under 18 years, the Syrian First Division League with Al-Futwa Club, the Kuwaiti League, the Amir Cup, the Crown Prince Cup, the Kuwaiti Super Cup, and the Kuwaiti Federation Cup with Al-Qadsia Al-Kuwaiti (all of them once except for the league twice). 

The Saudi Crown Prince Cup, the Saudi Premier League, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, and the Saudi Super Cup with Saudi Al Hilal (every championship).