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What you do not know about Ibrahim Ghaleb | Who is Ibrahim Ghaleb and the most important of his career and life

What you do not know about Ibrahim Ghaleb |  Who is Ibrahim Ghaleb and the most important of his career and life

 A Saudi football player, he played in the national team squad, and the Al-Nasr team, in the center position. He has several cups and awards, including the best promising player in the Kingdom.

Ibrahim Ghalib's biography

A football player for the Saudi national team and Al-Nasr team, ranked among the best international talents in football, holder of several titles and cups, he retired temporarily in late 2019 due

 to injury shortly after signing with Al-Faisaly Club. Learn about the biography, achievements, judgment, sayings and all the information you need about Ibrahim Ghaleb.

The beginnings of Ibrahim Ghalib

Ibrahim Muhammad Ghaleb was born in Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on September 28, 1990,

He was fond of playing football and participated in school competitions that brought him his first official registration 

with his hometown club "Ras Al Tanoura", where his talent was discovered by one of the club officials who decided to include him for the junior category.

Ibrahim Ghaleb's personal life

It is not known if Ibrahim was married or single, and he was very busy with training and competitions prior to his retirement, which some believe was due to special family problems rather than the injury he suffered.

Facts about Ibrahim Ghalib

Ranked among the best international players before his decision to retire at the end of 2019. |

He won the Best Young Player award in 2008 and the Best Young Player of the 2010 season.

Ibrahim Ghaleb's achievements

Ghaleb participated in several matches with the Ras Tanura youth team, in which he proved his efficiency and

 talent as a pivotal player in the middle of the field, which made many of the big clubs in the Kingdom want to sign with him.

He signed a contract worth one million and one hundred thousand Saudi riyals during serious and quick 

negotiations with Al-Nasr Club in the youth category in 2006, and was also included in the ranks of the national youth team for one season (2006).

For two seasons with Al-Nasr, he presented a mature performance that qualified him to join the club's first team at the age of no more than eighteen

Where he played in the first team squad since 2008, and his first appearance against Al Hilal was in the middle of the 2008-2009 season, the season in which he

 won the award for the best promising player in the Kingdom, and he also won with Al Nasr the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Championship Cup,

He proved his place in the team in 2010 by signing his first contract in his professional career with Al Nasr for a period of five years

In his first season (2009-2010), he won the Youth Player of the Season award. He was also included in 

the national team, and his first participation was with him in 2010 against the Tunisian team in a friendly match,

With Al-Nasr, he achieved several achievements, most notably: the Saudi Crown Prince Cup in 2013, in addition to winning the first place in the Saudi Professional 

League for two consecutive seasons 2013 and 2014, then his contract with Al-Nasr was renewed for four years, during which he and his companions took the lead in the Saudi League for the 2018 season,

After the end of his contract with Al-Nasr, Ghaleb signed a contract with a new club, "Al-Faisaly" for four seasons in 2019.

However, the contract was terminated without him participating with the team in any matches due to an injury that led to a knee surgery.

He settled the material damage caused to Al-Faisali and decided to retire from the stadiums temporarily until he fully 

recovered in late 2019, in addition to his removal from the national team squad, in which he participated in more than 25 games,

Ibrahim was ranked among the most talented players in the world currently retired from football, with a market value of 975,000 pounds.