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How to organize a foot race for running, walking and fitness

How to organize a foot race for running, walking and fitness

 To organize a successful pedestrian race, it is necessary to take into account some aspects of fundamental importance, to some extent, the standard and correct "tout court".

 The first point is to get acquainted with the ordinary runner and try to understand his needs, which 

are then insignificant but necessary;  If we start from this assumption, the race is likely to succeed perfectly from every point of view.

 Basic requirements for a successful racing sprint

 The optimal organization of a foot race requires the absence of the following requirements:

  1.  Large and comfortable enough staging area
  2. A track completely free of cars and vehicles of any kind
  3. Refreshment points where participants are provided with bottles of water at room temperatur
  4.   Suitable access point
  5. Post-race refreshments adapted to the current climate and season
  6. Nice prize
  7.  Measuring individual time with a chip

 Having changing rooms, especially bathrooms, upon departure and upon arrival

 For runners to compete in a race worthy of that name, it will be important that all of the above elements are present.


 The foot race, in addition to the organizational race, requires a great economic effort, the certainty from which derives the need to find suitable sponsors.

 This is a definitely important aspect of the event, which requires a certain business strategy, great interpersonal and communication skills.

 Therefore, seek out communication with companies relevant to the tender and the values ​​you intend to 

represent, and express to them clearly and decisively the benefits they would gain by accepting your sponsorship, so that saying no to you becomes paramount.  

Difficult, let's say almost impossible.

 Therefore, do not throw yourself into the search at random, but in a purposeful way;  Just to give an example, it is highly unlikely that a butcher or haberdashery 

would agree to help you, whereas a sportswear store, beauty center and gym would certainly do, since the target audience, i.e.

 athletes and the audience that will flock to see them should be inclined to be interested in what they are selling  and the services they provide.

 Keep in mind that for the time being, the thought of organizing an event of this kind based exclusively on income from 

registrations is just a utopia, so the help of sponsors becomes indispensable, and hopefully also resetting the registration fee itself.

 Monitor and improve

 In the organization of sports competitions, regardless of the discipline, observing and learning from others is a resource of great importance.

 So take successful competitions as a model, try to understand the reasons for their success, make them your own and, if you can, improve them further.

 In principle, the organizer, as mentioned earlier, should be able to position himself on the side of potential customers in order to understand their needs, and then present what they are looking for and more.

 Try to create high-profile events, which give the runner the perception that the participation is really worth paying the right price.

The importance of teamwork

 Obviously, not everything can be done on your own, and for the complete success of the race it is necessary not only to 

surround yourself with suitable, serious, competent and willing collaborators, but also to know how to coordinate them in the best possible way.

 In short, "power" must be distributed evenly by delegating specific tasks to capable and reliable persons, who each, in his own sector, can translate into concrete facts.

 One of the secrets of success lies precisely in the type of organization that leaves nothing to chance, carried out by a cohesive and motivated team whose members share the same goal.