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Mistakes you should not make for a healthy diet | Sports and fitness

Mistakes you should not make for a healthy diet |  Sports and fitness

As is well known, it is essential to stay fit in order to run, but throwing yourself on strict diets is never a smart idea. If the target too

 The most common diet mistakes

 Is weight loss, getting tough can also cause the diet itself to fail and not give you a way to estimate the results. 

 Here are the most common diet mistakes to avoid:

 Skip meals. In an effort to limit calorie intake to a minimum, some may think that skipping one or two meals is the best thing to do.

 However, on the contrary, lack of meals slows down the metabolism and also leads to eating more food just by sitting at the table.

 It is best to choose regular meals and eat them before you feel completely hungry.

 You never feel hungry. If it is true that “timing” meals on time is a pillar of a healthy diet, it is also true that hunger pangs are okay, as long as they do not become severe (see point 1).

 In fact, a feeling of moderate hunger indicates that the metabolism is working properly. So, if you don't feel hungry after 4 or 5 hours of eating a healthy meal, try reducing your portions.

 Continuing to refuse permanently (and then give up completely). Following a certain diet is beneficial, but not everyone has the will to cut out food completely, especially if it is greedy food.

 In fact, depriving yourself of something you need, such as sweets, can increase the likelihood of overeating. If you come back in this state, try to reduce your sweet cravings, you might be

  Made with whole grains, eat today a meal rich in carbohydrates that give you all the energy you need.

 Eating without balance. Even if you are eating healthy, it is possible that you will not have results for other reasons.

 For example, some foods rich in healthy fats and fiber such as nuts and avocados can lead to massive consumption of these foods, without considering that they are also high in calories.

 So you shouldn't eat avocados with every meal anyway. Find the right balance of calories and nutrients, paying attention to por

Don't think about what to drink. Fruit juices, sodas, and glasses of wine can add up to hundreds of calories per day.

 So also be sure to factor in what you're drinking in your diet, thus eliminating unnecessary calories (or even "zero" drinks are often more harmful when consumed in large quantities).

 Of course, you do not have to stop drinking it, but rather drink it wisely.

 Just count calories. Speaking of calories, on the one hand, it is important to keep them under control especially if the goal is to lose weight, on the other hand, focusing only on this aspect can lead to failure.

 Many diet programs rely solely on a "superficial" evaluation of foods, considering only the scientific number of calories and grams of carbohydrates and protein they contain.

 Instead, we should also care about how the foods themselves are composed: they should be fresh, healthy and natural.

  Thus, the advantage is the ability to eat evenly, eliminating those fatty foods, fried or preserved, as a basis. tions.