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What does a technical representative do during races | What is the job of a racing technical representative?

What does a technical representative do during races |  What is the job of a racing technical representative?

The organization of the competition involves a series of roles, and therefore people, who divide the tasks and responsibilities in a perfectly organized and well-established manner. Among them

 We find a crucial figure supporting her since her appointment,  although she is not a direct part of the organizing committee  , and she plays an essential and somewhat complex role.

We are talking about  the Technical Delegate  , also identified by the simple abbreviation DT, always present and well framed  in every Federal Technical Regulation (RTF),  often identified as an expert

The duration of the work of the coach, the organizer of the competitions

 He works a lot, even during the competition, not only with preparatory virtues, which are assigned functions that cannot be performed by other members.

As a valuable collaborator on the Organizing Committee,  TD oversees the correct functioning of all preparatory mechanisms  , and must be able to give advice and suggestions, and check that all regulations are strictly respected.

The technical delegate has, in essence, the responsibility to ensure, given his profile, that  the various technical provisions comply with the rules of the different federations, which  constitute the interface between the competent bodies

 Depending on the sector and the organizer, who remains responsible in any case for everything that may happen to the registrants of the race or to third parties.

The professional personality and the role of the technical representative

The technical delegate, as we have seen, has  several faculties  , and he also has to cooperate  with the chairman of the jury  for the success of the competition.

 Nothing should be left to chance, which is why the role should be filled by someone who has 

A complete professional profile, considering that it is the highest technical authority, as well as  the guarantor of compliance with the rules  .

It shall ensure, with reasonable progress,  the suitability of the equipment used  , the quality of competition and scope of work,  and the suitability of safety measures  intended for the public, such as partitioning barriers 

 Instead of marks, checks of start and access orders, prepared in cooperation with the chairman of the jury, including prizes,  in accordance with the technical characteristics of  the selected type of competition.

Moreover, the TD has a specific duty to  discuss with the regulator  , without taking anything for granted, regarding technical but also purely practical aspects. 

Be careful not to violate the rules and regulations

which it finds conflicting, and where it constitutes a violation of regulations, or a particular non-compliance, even if only a formality  , there is an obligation to follow the provisions of the  same TD, even if some characteristics may have margins of appreciation.

Instead, the organizing committee will be free to follow its views on  purely logistical issues  , and in the event of irreconcilable differences, on the recommendation of the technical delegate himself,  the Federal Council will step in and  decide.

Among the aspects that are an integral part of the regulations within the margins that must be respected, we can mention  the road difficulties of  various classes, as well as 

Competent supervision and judgment in relation to  the new plant  , in order to express a technical opinion on its suitability, which may also conflict  with the opinion of the analog.

The technical delegate is also concerned with the general aspect of the race, even in those that are not purely sporting details but should  in any way be appropriate to rank a manifestation of Federal interest  , such as  attention to detail  with floral ornaments and decorations in general, preparation for an award ceremony, etc.

Above all, however, he oversees the  technical regularity of the running of the race  , ensuring that the current rules are fully applied , without performing the functions of a coach or judge, except in the most exceptional cases  authorized by the Federation  itself.

So he inspects  structures and equipment  , acquires and learns in detail every aspect of event regulations, and performs  checks on the track  , platforms and services in general. 

 As well as any necessary rooms, such as secretarial, changing rooms and medical center, as well as evaluating  the tender schedule  , with the right to suggest possible changes.

Finally, he chairs the evaluation so that  the resources  allocated as judges  , assistants and volunteers  are sufficient, and possibly encourages the latter's participation.

Competencies Summary

Before  (starting  180 days before  the competition):

  • Meeting with the organizer and first notes
  • Factory inspection with detail evaluation
  • Check map setup, while also monitoring compliance with times to meet regulations
  • Preparation of services, such as termination, speaker, ceremonial, etc.
  • Observation of the inscriptions
  • Chairing one or more technical meetings
  • Evaluation with two other technical figures, course tracker and writer, for no prohibited or dangerous areas

After  about 90 days  of the activities described, when the same number is missing to start the race, the TD continues its activity by continuing with checks:

  • Evaluation of the subsequent steps of the progress of work, through inspections in the race area
  • By randomly checking some road segments, checking the path properties
  • Approval or disapproval of the departure and arrival scheme
  • Ensure that the organizing committee has all the necessary technical equipment such as the regularity of the timing system and visual and audio equipment.
  • Determine the appropriate position for the racing doctor and any ambulance
  • Approval of the start network and its creation, the correct procedures for its formation, as well as the criteria for the distribution of participants, in consultation with the course writer and tracker

During work or event

  • Remains available, for the duration of the event, to resolve technical issues
  • Check the work of the course writer
  • It can decide, in exceptional cases, to postpone the race, but also at any time, due to force majeure
  • In the event that technical or structural deficiencies are found, such as jeopardizing correct execution, in agreement with the head of the jury, he can order the event to be suspended
  • Ensures doctor and autolettiga attendance as per current regulations
  • Supervises departure and participates in the final award ceremony

After, after the event ends 

  • Draws up the bid report, with its evaluations and considerations, to be sent to the Federal Secretariat within 30 days for bid approval.
  •  Attach all documents required by Federal Technical Regulations, delivered by the course writer, including any appeals submitted

  • Also prepares a report to the organizing committee, with useful comments and suggestions (if any)

Compensation for every performance

The Technical Delegate  shall receive a daily allowance  approved by the Chairman of the Jury, paid in full by the Federation, which  also reimburses the costs of  food, accommodation and transportation, upon delivery of tickets and original receipts , to be delivered with the appropriate duly completed application form.