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Guide to organizing sporting events The steps to be followed and the party to be contacted to organize sporting events

Guide to organizing sporting events The steps to be followed and the party to be contacted to organize sporting events

 Foot races, especially in the summer, are undoubtedly one of the sporting events, at an amateur or amateur level, the most well-known and followed by a large audience, often identified as 'of a special character' 

Sports events with a special affiliation

Such as, for example, Corsa Rosa, for women, against breast cancer, or StraCittadine, or others more targeted at young people, as 

In the case of listeners of some national radio stations, who are also known for their sports commitment, often at the charitable level .

Running is good, it is liberating, not particularly demanding, and simple training is enough to be able to guarantee modest resistance from the podium, but often 

Share and contribute 

More in order to please participate and contribute to making an important event, or rather a sporting event. Yes, since there is a distinction between these two realizations, even if we often tend to make them synonymous

 to each other: in fact, by  a sporting “event”  we mean an initiative related to a particular discipline, organized on an episodic basis.

 Promote your own business. For  a sporting "event" , on the other hand,  refers, exceptionally, to the organization of an association, institution, or federation, to demonstrate its purposes 

It attracted consensus as well as economic resources and new members, including not only members of the same, but also sympathizers, family groups, etc.

Participation of the municipality in the organization of venues for sporting events 

In this case, let us analyze the realization of this second category, the sporting event: the first step is  the participation of the municipality  in which the race will be held, and in order to do that, the whole project must be submitted to the sports services sector. for the initiative to be organized . 

This planning should contain the identity of the committee (or body or association) promoting the event, what and how the initiative will be implemented, as well as the date and the envisaged course or path 

In addition to the need for clear clarity indicating goals and objectives.

For sports initiatives of particular importance,  a deadline is recommended within 4 months of the given date , while for small organizational events 

At least two months are enough. The project is subject to judgment and analysis by the sports consultant who must approve it, and then manage it throughout its phase 

executive by the Office of Sporting Events , which also has the task of initiating, from a management point of view, the procedure on the basis of the type of event proposed.

Of course, it is also necessary to ensure the suitability and availability of the required venue and itinerary, and once these requirements are also completed, all the necessary documents are submitted, accompanied by the actual request for the possibility of organizing the event. 

Request for legal assistance to organize venues for sporting events 

This dispatch provides for a request for legal aid, followed by a request for temporary occupancy of public lands, in connection with a race in open public spaces, as well as the concession of a sports facility, even if the latter is only involved in the final stage of the race or the closing ceremony of the event.

A declaration of the commencement of the activity must then be submitted for an educational and non-profit purpose  , to always be submitted to the sports services sector of the municipality in which the event will be held and, if necessary, also to exercise practicability

 (Article 80 TULPS - Uniform Law on Public Safety)) and public entertainment (Article 68 TULPS). 

emergency room services 

Finally, a declaration (also self-certification) of having  emergency room service is required, as well as insurance coverage.

After analyzing all the relevant documents and requests, the Sports Services / Events Office of the Sports Services Sector will have to check the availability of the required space

 and the itinerary (streets, squares, public area, etc.) and, therefore, obtaining after ascertaining its suitability, the initiative will be included in the official calendar of the municipal administration.

Finally, it will forward the request for opinion, which is necessary to obtain a final permit, to the relevant municipal sectors, and as soon as a response is obtained 

Positive, will forward the application to the Municipal Council for approval. Thus the event program and related implementation methods will be determined.