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What are the conditions for sponsoring sporting events and how to apply for them and work with them

What are the conditions for sponsoring sporting events and how to apply for them and work with them

 Sponsorship  _ is an undoubtedly relevant recognition granted by the municipality to initiatives, events and manifestations of various kinds, which are promoted by public and private bodies, associations and organizations. 

Sponsorship of sporting events 

which express a social, cultural, ethical, educational and ceremonial value once awarded, the initiatives 

must then be announced with the reference “Municipality Sponsored…”. Issued with the official authorization of the mayor, subject to the approval of the reference advisor.

It can be of two types,  cumbersome and inexpensive  . The first type means when it includes, in addition to the use of the logo and corporate communication, also economic benefits such as, for example 

 The supply of goods, services, or human resources, possibly also in the form of concessions. o Exemptions from tariffs for the use of halls or municipal spaces .

Sports sponsor health conditions

It should be explicitly specified, an indicative estimate provided, and a report kept for later. It is granted by the executive through specific deliberative action.

Favoritism, however, is not burdensome if it refers only to the granting and use of the emblem of the municipality or institution, as well as inexpensive forms of communication such as newsletters or websites. 

It is awarded to initiatives in various fields, as we have seen, including sports, aimed at events, activities and demonstrations of a competitive and dynamic nature in general 

Sports Event Sponsor Terms and Agreement

 As long as it does not contain political or commercial purposes to sell or promote goods or services. 

There are many institutions that can apply for sponsorship 

 From associations registered in the local registry of the relevant municipality or in the regional registries, to voluntary organizations, as well as foundations, companies or committees, but also by individuals and public bodies.

Criteria for applying and granting recognition

Of course, there are criteria and methods by which recognition may or may not be granted: first of all, the events must be compatible with the purposes, programs and institutional projects of the municipal administration.

 The initiative, then, should have a special significance for the entire local community, in terms of social and/or cultural interest and commitment.

The application must be sent to the URP - Office of Public Relations and Protocol, at least twenty days before the sporting event (and in any case within a reasonable time) 

 Using the forms prepared by each municipality, taking care to attach them to the promotional materials. of the initiative. At the same time as the sponsorship, the possibility of displaying the municipal coat of arms, the logo of the initiative and the administrative privilege is also requested. 

The application must be signed by the legal representative (if it is an association, entity, etc.), or directly by the private individual, and must contain the complete data of the applicant and a description of the event detailing, the contents and purpose.

In the case of burdensome legal aid requested by associations and entities, an alternative declaration of bad reputation must also be attached to the request, in accordance with Art. 

Equipment and technical materials for sporting events 

47 Presidential Decree 445/2000, in which the applicant undertakes, at least primarily, to purchase  equipment and technical materials for events  , necessary for the organization of the sporting event that is the subject of sponsorship 

Through suppliers located in the municipality area. Any alternative declaration, on the basis of the sample, may be subject to verification by the district responsible for the procedure as subject matter.

Sponsorship grant entails the right to receive a 50% reduction in poster fees related to the event

As well as the use of administrative tools and the use of municipal services such as printing pamphlets or collecting records .

 Moreover, the promotion of the initiative can be carried out through the communication tools of the municipality itself 

 such as website, municipal periodical, newsletter, etc., provided that they expressly contain the sponsorship sign and coat of arms, the main distinguishing mark you use

 Each public administration to represent its image through the exercise of its institutional activities. 

All authorized persons are required to make good use of the same emblem, in compliance with the limits and in accordance with the specific reproduction requirements of each municipality.