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Fantasy football tips for the seventh round of the Premier League 2022/2023 and football midfielders

Fantasy football tips for the seventh round of the Premier League 2022/2023 and football midfielders

 Players to be deployed in fantasy football for the seventh day of the first division: SEBI among the players; Arnautovic striker and Thabet in a friendly

Bologna - The second day of the group stage of the European Cups has been brought forward, and it is time to focus on  the seventh day  of   the 2022/2023 First Division Football Championship  , which will take place  between 16-18 September.

 It starts on Saturday at 15 with Bologna - Empoli. Let's jump right in to see the  tips  for  Fantasy Football  , focusing, for each suggested player, on their motivations

 A certain personality, and the desire to also project themselves from the perspective of the market or the situation they are going through. The unit  chosen  is, as always, 3-4-3. 

Number one suggested in this week's "Top 11" is   Luigi Sepi della Salernitana: 

With his six goals he has scored so far he is the best goalkeeper in the league and the added value of his quotes is the penalty that Bonucci saved a week ago.

Fantasy football tips, back section names

As for the three rear wingers, we start with  Singo  : he is among the stocks in the Torino arc and the competition with Lazaro for starting position is an incentive for him to put himself more in the light in the eyes of Juric.

 Let's continue with  Doig:  a goal and assist at Empoli were enough to reveal the qualities of the Scot from Verona, who is looking for confirmation at Fiorentina.

 We conclude with  Mazzuchi:  the Salernitana player is one of the best outsiders in the tournament and winks at Mancini for a place in the national team: to try to get it, he has to do his best against Lecce.

Fantasy football midfielders will be published

As the first midfielder we share  , Vlasic:  at the San Siro against Inter he did another good performance. Croatian Torino only missed the goal, either because of Handanovic's skill or because of some of the many errors in the final stage. 

In the middle of the field, we chose  Barak:  since his arrival at Fiorentina, he has become a regular player and has shown that he has adapted easily to the Italian game  .

 To his side, we suggest the name   Calhanoglu:  Among the best on the field against Torino, according to pressing market rumors, the Turkish midfielder could leave Inter at the end of the season and this could give him the desire to do better and better.

 Finally, on the other end, is the  Kostic space . Among the important arrivals to Juventus, he is set to find more and more space in Allegri's squad

 But it can also be used by Juventus to be able to make capital gains in the future.

Suggestions for the offensive section

As the first striker in the Trident, we find  Arnautovic  . The Austrian from Bologna has scored so far against all the teams he has met, with the exception of Milan; With six goals, he is the top scorer in the Italian league and in Europe only Halland, Neymar and Mbappe have performed better than him. 

In the middle of the   building. He withdrew Lazio and opened the score against Verona, reclaiming the somewhat ambiguous performance a week ago against Napoli : now it is expected in Cremona that we conclude with  Dia:

 With three players and two assistants in one month at Salinitana back to what it was once, he put behind a negative season at Villarreal.

The 11 best matches in the seventh round of the Italian Serie A 2022/2023

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