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Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team

Egyptian goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team

Urban Assam is the goal guard of Egypt's football team and the Saudi Cooperation Club, the King of Titles. 

The best guard of the canyon in the history of Egypt and Africa, and he's still bearing the title so far, as well as many other titles.

The vitae of the urban-gam

The famous Egyptian goal guard was born in the Egyptian city of Domimimit to a modest Egyptian family, and as with most Egyptian players, he began his obsession with football since he was a small playing in his town's alley.

He began his Croatian from the Dimat club, which went on from second to first instance, and then drew the attention of the Egyptian community club, which he sought to include.

 After joining the community club, a nostairal march at the country level of Egypt and at the African level.

He then moved to the Swiss Club, to start his career advice. After legal problems between the Swiss and the Egyptian community, the urban stopped playing

 for a while, then he returned to play for a while playing for a number of other Egyptian and Arab clubs. He is currently playing for the Saudi Cooperation Club.


Saram al-Din Kamal Tawwwk urban. Born on 15 January 1973 in the city of Dumat, Egypt. The story of the urban-football has begun like most Egyptian children, from playing playing ball on the streets. 

The six-year-old boy boy was the most prominent attacker on the streets of his village "Kaf Bakh," where he played football every day with his friends and his older neighbours. 

In one of the friendly games, he had to stand where the the goal guard was, and that was the starting point that was later shaped his professional future.

He succeeded in playing the role of the goal guard, until he became the main guard of the little team because of his courage, and sacrifice himself in defending his network. 

The urban was watching and following up the former Egyptian pupils such as Ekkrami, fixed the hero and fair-mum and their own.

His father had hoped that his younger son would complete the school-boy and go to college, and he did not want to spend his life at his little workshop. 

The young man Samam fully agreed with his father that he did not want to spend his life at his father's workshop, but had a different dream of his life rather than going to school and completing his education.

The football took over his dreams, and the degree was a thing far from his dreams. 

The father of Swand did everything he could to keep his son away from playing football, even burned his training clothes in front of him to prevent him from leaving his lessons for football. 

But the stubborn boy was not surrendered, and the eventually joined the agricultural school in his city only because they had the best football team between high school in the entire city.

At some time, the main guard for the school football team. 

The Saman was the best-goal guard at the high school patrol, as was known to kicking the ball from one network to another and recording the targets on the team's network.

His school teachers saw his talent development and helped him join a group under 21 in Damiat, the main team of football in the city.

The personal life of the Urban

The Urban Amam married Sabrin Raza and had five children. As for the religion of the Urban, beliefs and his indigenous community, he was born to a Muslim Muslim family.

Facts of the urban tattoo

He started playing football at 6 years old and was initially an assailant and not a goal guard.

His father was strongly refusing to enter the football world so that he had failed to give him money to go to training at the club.

He helped to rise the Dmat Club to the first degree in 1994.

He was the first-ranking guard from the Taynynist to play with the Egyptian team.

He played with the Egyptian and Samalami, Swiss, the Sudanian Mark and achieved many words and achievements with all these clubs. 

He participated with the team in the 2018 World Cup and 43 years old.

Urban-based achievements

In a final attempt to prevent his son from entering into the football world, the father of Am refused to give his son any money to join the team's training in the city's Dmat, which was 7 km away from his home home. 

But so did not make this boy surrendered, and he was running 7 km from the city of Kafr Al-Bakh to Damiat and again returned back, in order to join his daily training. 

He convinced himself about this as a part of his training.

All of that made the stubborn boy more designed and resolve. 

After a while of playing with the Dmatt team for the Tayne class, the attention of the Mymatt Group I was quickly the main guard of the Dmatt first team in the second grade of the Egyptian League. 

He maintained his position on the team for the name 91.92, 92.93, 94.95. After all this, his father started to convince Al-Hadj Kamal urban to his young son, and that this might guarantee him a decent life from playing football.

The real starting point was in the season 1993-1994 when the Dmat team successfully reached the first-class class. 

In the same season, the Dutch Coach Rahuter was selected to train the first Egyptian National team, and the coach heard of the Urban Assam and travelled to see Simat in a match between Demiat and Port Fouad. 

The urban day maintained its network without targets, and by the end of the game, his reward was to join the first Egyptian, which was a major achievement of it, as it was 

the first time in the history of Egyptian football, where a second-level-of-first-class class guard, especially at a sensitive position such as the Way Guard, which was filled by senior players from high-ranking clubs such as the Airy. 

The fourth guard between the giant was the constant hero, Ekkrami, and Chober.
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