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Details of the match between Pyramids and Njelik in the African Confederation Cup (lineup, carrier channels and date)

Details of the match between Pyramids and Njelik in the African Confederation Cup (lineup, carrier channels and date)

 Greek coach Takis Junias has settled on the formation that he will face against Niger's champion, Nigel, today, Wednesday, in the Confederation.

The date of the match between Pyramids and Negelik

Pyramids will host Nigel, the champion of Niger, at 7 pm today, Wednesday, at Cairo International Stadium, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the CAF Confederation Cup.

The expected formation of Pyramids

Goalkeeper: Ahmed El-Shennawy

Defense lines: Ali Gabr - Ahmed Sami - Mohammed Al-Shaibi - Mohammed Hamdi

Midfield: Abdullah Al-Saeed - Plati Toure - Ramadan Sobhi - Walid Al-Karti - Mustafa Fathi

Offensive line: Fakhruddin bin Youssef.

Pyramids and Negelik

The Pyramids team is entering a difficult challenge today in order to book a ticket to qualify for the group stage of the Confederation Cup, as it has no alternative to winning after losing the first leg in Niamey with a goal without a response.

The Greek coach, Takis Junias, was keen to address the mistakes of the first leg in order not to repeat them in today's meeting.

pyramids navy blue uniform

It was agreed that Pyramids will wear his full navy blue base shirt, while the goalkeeper will wear full light yellow, while Negelik will wear full red, and he will wear full dark yellow.

It was agreed that the two teams would arrive at the match stadium an hour and a half before the meeting at the latest, provided that each team would hand over its formation as soon as it reached the Cairo International Stadium.

The observer confirmed that in the event that the match ends with the same result as the first leg, with Pyramids winning with a goal free of charge, it will be

 resorted directly to the penalty shootout to decide the name of the team qualified for the group stage of the continental championship, pending the draw that will be held on November 16.

Referees for the match between Pyramids and Negelik

The match will be managed by a team of Mali referees led by referee Babou Traore, assisted by First Assistant Modibo Samaki, Second Assistant Amadou Beli, and Fourth Referee Ibrahima Keita.

The match is watched by Ahmed Muigi, from Tanzania, and the referees are Jerome Ifong from Gabon, and Dr. Muhammad Sultan from Egypt to follow up on the procedures for the Corona virus.

Pyramids squad to face Nijelik

Greek coach Takis Junias announced the squad for the team's match to face Negelik in the second leg of the 32nd additional round of the African Confederation Cup.
The list was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Sherif Ekramy - Ahmed El-Shennawy - Youssef Nader

Defense lines: Ali Gabr - Ahmed Sami - Osama Jalal - Mohamed Hamdi - Karim Hafez - Mohamed Al-Shaibi

Midfield: Mahmoud Dunga - Abdullah Al-Saeed - Ramadan Sobhi - Walid Karti - Plati Toure - Mahmoud Saber - Mustafa Fathi - Mohamed Sadek - Abdullah Magdy  

Forwards: Fakhri Lakai - Mahmoud Wadi - Fakhr El-Din Ben Youssef

And the team leader Abdullah Al-Saeed returned to the list after he missed the match due to a cold and the death of his father, and the absence of Ahmed Fathi, Islam Issa and Dodo Al-Jabbas continued, an artistic vision and Ibrahim Adel were injured.

Watch the Pyramids vs Nigelec match, broadcast live today, Wednesday, Pyramids Vs Nigelec, , as part of the second leg matches in the 32nd round of the African Champions League for the year 2022/2023, and the Pyramids team is supposed to meet the counterpart of 

the Nigelec Association team on the ground of the stadium of the first party club Pyramids, the Mohammed V sports complex, at eight in the evening, Mecca time, and the two 

teams are supposed to play a strong match and one of them will win and gain the three points in order to reach the next round of the African Champions League matches for 

the current season, and the match between the Njelik Association and Pyramids will start today on the Moroccan sports channel. 

With commentator Mohamed Al-Kawalini at exactly seven o'clock in the evening Cairo time and eight o'clock in the evening Saudi time on

Pyramids vs Negelec Association match today

The Pyramids team is the first party and the owner of the meeting ground today, Saturday, during the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League matches against the counterpart of the Negelec Association. 

The match was won by Nigelik, with a score of one goal against nothing, and Pyramids is currently occupying the twelfth place in the Egyptian league

 table with two points, collected after playing two matches if he can achieve victory or loss in any of them and draw in the two matches he played during his career

 in the Egyptian League, Pyramids Club He enters today's meeting hoping to win the second leg match in the 32nd round to try to compensate for his loss in the first leg against his counterpart Nigelik.

Today's match between Njelik and Pyramids

On the other side, the Negelik Association team is the second party and the guest of today's meeting in the framework

 of the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League competitions against the first party, the counterpart of Pyramids Club. 

The counterpart of Pyramids Club last Wednesday and beat its counterpart with a result of one goal without a response, the Negelik Association was

 able to qualify for this round at the expense of its counterpart CO Coyah after playing several matches with him in the framework of the preliminary round

 of the African Champions League, where he met in front of his counterpart CO Coyah In the first preliminary round in the first group and managed to achieve victory 

and the match ended with a score of two goals against Hodg Waheed, and he also met with him in the second round of the preliminary round Bom 16/9 last and

 the match ended in a goalless draw for the two teams, and today the Njelik Association enters the return matches in the 32nd League He is looking for

 the three pointsAnd achieving victory against Pyramids Club to prove himself and go to the next round of the tournament.