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Who is Mohamed Barakat | The most important information about the Arab player Mohamed Barakat

Who is Mohamed Barakat | The most important information about the Arab player Mohamed Barakat

 An Egyptian football player, he achieved many important achievements with Al-Ala Club and the Egypt national team. Many critics also considered him one of the most important midfielders in the history of Egyptian football.

Biography of Mohamed Barakat

Mohamed Barakat, known as mercury, the right wing of the Egyptian national team and the former Al-Ahly club, was born in September 1976. He started his career in the Sikkat Al-Hadid Club, from which

 he moved to the Ismaili Club in the 1999 season to continue with him for four seasons and win the Egyptian League and Cup, before 

moving to the Saudi Al-Ahly Club - Al-Ahly Jeddah - season 2002/2003 and the next season 2003/2004 for the Qatari club Al Arabi to continue with him for one season as well, before moving to 

Al-Ahly club in the 2004/05 season and starting his career full of titles, achievements and brilliance for 8 years before retiring in 2013. Mohamed Barakat was distinguished by his high speed and agility. 

His light weight, the accuracy of his shots, his playing in more than one position, in addition to his dribbling, which helped him win the title of mercury, or “the blessings of the king of movements.”

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The beginnings of Mohamed Barakat

Mohamed Barakat was born on September 7, 1976 in the popular Al-Waeli neighborhood in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, into a family of parents and six brothers (four boys, the third of whom was two sisters).

Mohamed Barakat joined the Railway Club when he was still a youngster at the age of ten; Mohamed Barakat played in the center of the right wing and drew attention in the club with his great brilliance from

 his childhood, and the result of this was that he joined the first team at a very young age at the age of sixteen and

 continued his brilliance, so he caught the attention of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, so Al-Ahly offered to include him

 for an amount of 150 thousand pounds - and it was a fabulous amount At that time - but the railway club rejected the offer

Muhammad Barakat's personal life

Mohamed Barakat is married and has 3 children. As for Muhammad Barakat's religion, beliefs and original sect, he was born into a Sunni Muslim family

Facts about Mohamed Barakat

There was a great dispute between Mohamed Barakat and the legend of Al-Ahly Mahmoud Al-Khatib.
He won with the Egyptian national team the African Cup that was held in Egypt in 2006. His
main position with the national team and Al-Ahly club is the right wing.

Achievements of Mohamed Barakat

At this time, Mohamed Barakat was subjected to a double fracture that prevented Al-Ahly from designing his transfer, so he moved shortly after - in 1999 - to the Ismaili Club 

to begin with him the real brilliance and fame, and he got with him the Egypt Cup in the 1999/2000 season and then the Egyptian Premier League in the 2001/2002

 season before he left About the team at the top of its brilliance in the 2003/2004 season to turn professional.

Mohamed Barakat moved in the 2002/03 season from Al-Ismaili to the Saudi club Al-Ahly Jeddah to continue his 

brilliance with him to win the first Unified Arab Clubs Football Championship in 2002, by scoring the only goal in the final match against the Tunisian African, and he

 also led his team Al-Ahly Jeddah to the finals of all the local competitions in which he participated. At the time, however, he had no luck winning any of them.

Then, in the 2003/2004 season, he moved to the Qatari club Al-Arabi to play with the great Argentine star Batistuta, but 

he could not shine with the club, unfortunately, as he was injured again, and the press said that he was a talent that burned itself.

After that, Mohamed Barakat left Al-Arabi of Qatar to return to Egypt again in the 2004/05 season, but to Al-Ahly club this time, which was under the leadership

 of the Portuguese fox Manuel Jose - the leader of Al-Ahly's busy march in the twenty-first century - who was determined to sign him for his confidence in his talent.

His brilliance began early with Al-Ahly club, winning the Egyptian Premier League with him in his first season 2004/2005, and winning it seven times in a row until 

the 2010/2011 season; The 2004/2005 season was the pinnacle of his glory, as he led Al-Ahly club to win the African Champions League by scoring 6 goals in the tournament 

and thus was the official scorer for it, and as a result of his brilliance he won the BBC Award for the best African player for 

the best and the award for the best professional player within the brown continent .

Mercury's first addition to the Egyptian national team was in 2000, in a match against South Korea, when the team was led by the shrewd Mahmoud El Gohary. 

He participated in that year in 5 international matches, then in the 2000 season he participated in 19 games in which he scored four goals, then in 2002 he participated

 in 13 international matches and was crowned this year as the best player in Egypt, then his participation decreased from 2003 until 2005, during which he participated in Only 16 games.

His brilliance with Al-Ahly in his first season led him to include Hassan Shehata in the list of the Egyptian team, which participated in the twenty-fifth edition of 

the 2006 African Nations Championship, hosted by Egypt. Only two matches in 2007, then Hassan Shehata did not include him in the 2008 or 2010 tournaments, but he played in the 2009 World Cup qualifiers

 2010, which the Egyptian team failed to reach in favor of Algeria, and he had missed the opportunity to qualify very strangely in the return match in Egypt, so this error may have contributed excluded in one way or another

Mohamed Barakat is famous for his wit since he was a player, so he tried to take advantage of this matter. He presented the “Barakat King of Movements” program, which 

presented the first season of it in 2009, a few years before retiring, and then the second season of it in 2014 after retiring, and presented 
other programs such as the “One Two” program.

 He also participated in a short film "Kota" with some other football heroes such as Mr. Hamdi and his colleague and 

friend Sayed Moawad, commentator Mahmoud Bakr, retired player Magdy Abdel Ghani, and coach Hossam El Badry.

Mohamed Barakat's championship list includes:

The Egyptian Premier League eight times, once with Al-Ismaili and then seven consecutive times with Al-Ahly

The Egyptian Cup once with Al-Ismaili, then twice with Al-Ahly

The Egyptian Super Cup six times with Al-Ahly

CAF Champions League five times with Al-Ahly

The first unified Arab club football championship with Al-Ahly Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.