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Who is Bader Almutawa - The most important information about Bader Almotawaa Kuwaiti player

Who is Bader Almutawa - The most important information about Bader Almotawaa Kuwaiti player

 A Kuwaiti football player in the attacking position, he played in the Kuwaiti club Al-Qadisiyah, and then in the Saudi club Al-Nasr on loan. He also joined the ranks of the Kuwaiti national team.

Bader Al Mutawa's biography

Bader Al-Mutawa is a Kuwaiti football player in the attacking position. He is considered one of the stars of Gulf football.

 Since his inception, he was with Al-Qadisiyah Club, and he moved to the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, and to the Qatar Club on loan.

He participated in the Kuwaiti national team in a large number of matches, reaching 98 matches, during which he scored 52 goals. 

He participated in the Gulf Cup several times and the Asian Cup, achieving many awards, including being nominated for the Best Player award.

The beginnings of Badr Al-Mutawa

Bader Ahmed Bader Al-Mutawa was born in Kuwait on January 10, 1985. Since his childhood he loved football, and he grew up in a family consisting of a

 sister and two brothers, encouraged by his family, especially his uncles, and they had a role in joining the ranks of Al-Qadisiyah Club in 1994.

In the first year, he trained as a goalkeeper with the juniors, and then moved to the attacking center by training, and progressed until he reached the first team in 2003 at the age of seventeen.

Bader Al Mutawa's personal life

No information is available about Bader Al-Mutawa's personal life.

Facts about Bader Al Mutawa

On May 21, 2008, Bader Al-Mutawa was excluded from the Kuwaiti national team, due to his absence from training for two consecutive days without an excuse.

Bader Al-Mutawa played for the Kuwaiti Olympic team in the qualifiers for the Athens Olympics and the Beijing Olympics.

Bader Al-Mutawa was selected to join the Kuwaiti national team in 2003, based on the decision of Brazilian Paolo Cesar Carpigiani, who was the coach of the Kuwaiti national team.

Bader Al Mutawa's Achievements

Bader Al-Mutawa started with the first team in Al-Qadisiyah Club in 2002, and played with the club in the 2003/2004 Amir Cup final against Salmiya Club and won the cup with his team. 

He also played in the Amir Cup for the 2006/2005 season and scored forty goals, and participated in the 2009 Gulf Club Cup 2008, and he was named 

the tournament's top scorer, and Badr won the Kuwaiti league's top scorer award in the 2008/2009 season with ten goals.

Al-Mutawa also participated with the Kuwaiti national team in the 2004 Asian Cup, but the team was eliminated 

from the first round of the 2004 Asian Cup, and also participated in the 2007 Asian Cup, and the team was eliminated from the qualifiers.

On May 11, 2007, Bader Al-Mutawa moved to Qatar Club on loan, where he played in the Emir of the State of Qatar Cup. 

However, Qatar Club lost to Al-Sadd, but Al-Mutawa left a wonderful impression with his professional playing, according to the team coach.

On 14 - September - 2007, rumors circulated that Badr Al-Mutawa moved to the Saudi club Al Hilal to participate with them in the AFC Champions League, two days after the rumor took effect. 

In the same year, the Saudi Crescent stated again about the possibility of Al-Mutawa's transfer to its ranks, but this transfer did not materialize for unknown reasons.

As for Al-Mutawa’s participation with the Kuwaiti national team, he appeared in the Gulf Cup in several seasons: the 2003 Gulf Cup, the 2004 Gulf Cup, the 2007 Gulf Cup, and the 2009 Gulf Cup, where he reached the semi-finals. 

The Kuwaiti national team lost 1-0 and was eliminated from the tournament.

In 2010, Al-Mutawa played a major role in his country’s victory in the 2010 Gulf Cup. Al-Mutawa scored two goals against Yemen and one against Iraq. 

Three years later, Al-Mutawa participated with the Kuwaiti team in the twenty-first Gulf Cup that was held in Bahrain.

 The team left Kuwaiti in the semi-finals when he lost to the Emirates national team.

Bader Al-Mutawa was able to prove once again that he is an outstanding player and one of the most important

 football players in Kuwait and the Gulf, and he also participated with the Kuwaiti national team in the 2014 Gulf Cup.

At the beginning of 2011, Badr Al-Mutawa joined the Saudi Al-Nasr Club on loan for half a season, subject to renewal, and the management of the Kuwaiti Al-Qadisiyah Club agreed to this agreement.

Badr Al-Mutawa was nominated for the Asian Player of the Year award twice in a row, the first time he won second place after the Qatari Khalfan Ibrahim, and in the second he was excluded because the last list included only seven players.