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The most important information about the sports coach Talal Al-Mishaal and his career in the Saudi Al-Nasr Club

The most important information about the Saudi sports coach, Talal Al-Mishaal, and his career in the Saudi Al-Nasr Club

Saeed's Tall al-Sha is one of the most prominent players in Saudi Arabia and famous with the name of the myth.

The vitae of the torch's hill

Talal Said Meshal's former Saudi international football player, who played for years at the attack centre and was characterized by his speed and skills in recording the great goals. 

He was from the Civil Club and moves to several other clubs, but it has achieved success and progress for every team 

to which he joined, as he played with the Saudi team, and was in international champions and had a key role in the rehabilitation of his country's World Cup in 2002.

 He was called the "Henry Arabs and the mytyth and made many individual achievements during his sports goal-cairo.

 The self-vitae is known to the achievements, governance, words and all the information they need about the flame.

The beginning of the flare hill

Talal al-Said Mohamed Al-ShaShaSha-Yami was born on 7 June 1978 in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia

The life of the character torch

There is no information on the personal life of the applade. He's a person who prefers to preserve his privacy and his family away from the media.

Facts of the torch's hill

The flame hill during his career received several tits and most famous by the myrd and the Arabs Hani.

The torch's hill with 30 targets with the Saudi team, making it the fourth of my elected after Majid Abdullah, Yasser Al-Khattani and the slave of the Dosssé.

The parasite-proof-torch

The Shall of the Shall of the Shall began his trip in the football world where he joined the Bar team at the Saudi Civil Club, and continued with him until he reached the first team and became one of the best key players in the club.

He contributed to winning many heroes, most notably the Saudi Crown Cup in 2002, where he scored the goal of winning a penalty in the final match against the Union, which ended with the 2-1 outcome for the community.

He also participated with the parents in the International Friendship Champion and scored unavoidable goals, as well as in the first-time of the Arabs Cup of the Association of Hero Indians in the 2002 season.

The torch continued to set it up and success with the community until 2006, after which he moved on to the Nasser Club for one season, during which he made a great effort to help the victory to overcome the period of collapse he was going through.

He returned to the Ahma Club in May 2007, and in August of the same year he moved to the country-Amkho club, but he left it only two weeks later to the Saudi Federation Club at the end of the season.

At the Federation Club, he was a contributor to the Saudi Professional Champion in 2007 and 2009, but was severely injured in that period.

In June 2010, he moved to the Saudi Major Club and declared his arrest in 2011 after he was confirmed that he was not recovered from his injury.

In addition, the Shall of the torch with the Saudi team since 1999 and was from the Sydney 2000.

In the 2000 Asian Cup finals, he participated in six games, where he scored three great goals and won the second place.

He also contributed to the qualification of the team to the World Cup in 2002, where he played in 6 games, scored 11 goals and received the title of the qualification goals, but nevertheless was not called to play in the finals.

In the same year, he played an important role in the won of the Saudi team with the Arabs Cup, where he scored three goals, as well as the winning of the Arab Gulf Cup, where he scored a target in the final match in the country and ended with the 3-1 result of the Saudi Saudi Arabia.

At the 2004 Asian Cup, he participated in five games and recorded six goals, four of which were in the first phase in the Yemeni team, the Indonesian and two goals in the process of the Andean team.

The last of his participation with the National Group in the 2006 World Cup, during which he scored two goals in the game with the Turkmenistan ended 3-0 for the Saudi Saudi Arabia, and he also scored another target in the game with the Indonesia ended 3.1 for the Saudi.

What you don't know about the torch's hill

The former Saudi team team attacker, Shall-Shall, participate in the National Football Training Course for the "B." You know on the details.

The former Saudi team team attacker, Talal-Sha is currently participating in the National Football Training League (B) organized

 by the Saudi Federation in cooperation with the Asian Union with the participation of 24 trainees from the city of Jeddah and its governorates.

The problem explained that the two-week session was provided by lecturers from the Saudi and Asian Federation of football by trainers Bender Al-Ahmadi, Mohamed Al-Abdili and the Asian-Kuwaiti observer Ahmed Heyder.

He said to the "sports eye portal" that this course would make him engage in the world of sports training more widely, to use his long experience in sports.

He also thanked the General Assembly for Sports and the Saudi and Asian Football Unions for establishing such educational courses.

Such courses would be reflected positively on the trainers and Saudi clubs, by qualifying participants to the course to serve as as the focal player in those clubs.

The paralysis of the problem, which represented Saudi women, the Al-Aqrah, Al-Aqir and the Federation, has already been involved in the training of the Jeddah Union Club.

Saudi international striker Talal Al-Mishal joined the ranks of Al-Nasr Club on loan until the end of the current season, and the President of Al-Nasr Club, Prince Faisal bin 

Abdul Rahman, announced today that negotiations led by Nadia’s management succeeded in persuading Al-Ahly Jeddah club officials to loan Al-Mishal to his team.  Added Chief Victory

Prince Faisal refused to disclose the details of the deal, and contented himself with stressing that the distinguished relations between Al-Nasr Club officials and Sharaf Al-Ahly members contributed to the end of the negotiations and the transfer of Al-Meshaal to Al-Nasr.

Today, the management of Al-Nasr Club succeeded in including Al-Shabab club player Hassan Hawsawi, who was dismissed by his club due to irregularity in training.  

Al-Nasr officials completed the procedures for contracting with Hawsawi in a deal that won the praise of the club's supporters, after news leaked about the intention of Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr's traditional rival, to enter into a competition to win the services of Hassan Hawsawi.