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Napoli vs Glasgow Rangers match information (date, broadcasting channels and commentator)

Napoli vs Glasgow Rangers match information (date, broadcasting channels and commentator)

Napoli - On Wednesday  , September 14  , at the "Diego Armando Maradona" stadium,  Napoli  will face  Rangers   in the match valid for the second day of the group stage of  the  2022-2023 UEFA Champions League   .

 The match will start on September 21 The match  was originally supposed to take place on Tuesday September 13, but, as UEFA officially announced,  “It has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 14 at 21:00 CET. 

This is due to severe restrictions on police resources and regulatory issues related to the current events surrounding the national mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the official statement from UEFA.

 In addition, the Ibrox guest sector will remain closed to the public .” Following UEFA’s presentation,  Napoli Calcio issued the  following note: “ Following the UEFA decision that has just been reported, the postponement has been postponed.

 The UEFA Champions League Glasgow Rangers-Napoli match scheduled for Tuesday 13 September 21:00 to Wednesday 14 September 21:00 CET. 

The meeting was postponed due to restrictions placed on the British police department and the organization of current events of national mourning following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

 Please note that the UEFA Youth League match will also be postponed

 Between the two clubs until Wednesday 14 September at 15:00 CET. UEFA has also announced that the UK government has banned the flight for visiting fans, and therefore SSC Napoli will refund tickets purchased in a manner to be announced later. 

The two teams were included in  Group A,  which also includes Ajax and Liverpool. Napoli,  who participated in the Europa League last season,  virtually crushed Liverpool on the first day.

 In the tournament, he comes from the measure match at home against Spezia, which he obtained at his maximum thanks to a goal by Raspadori and is at the top of the standings, on a par with Milan and Atalanta, with 14 points, with a course of four matches. 

He won and tied, scored thirteen goals and conceded four. On the other hand,  Glasgow Rangers'  Champions League adventure got off to a bad start, as they were defeated 4-0 a week ago in Ajax. There is no precedent between the two teams.

Direct result: Rangers - Napoli

Wednesday, September 14, from 7:45 pm, in the official line-up, starting at 9:00 pm, the news with direct commentary on the match.


The match will be officiated by Spanish referee  Antonio Mateo Lahoz with the  assistance of Pau Cibrian Davies-Roberto del Palomar.

 Fourth official: Jose Luis Munoaira. Marco Fritz as VAR with the help of Bastian Dankert.

UEFA squad for Napoli

Goalkeepers list : Meret, Sirigo
Defenders: Kim, Jesus, Rahmani, Oliveira, Rui, Ostegaard, Di Lorenzo
Midfielders : Dimé, Elmas, Ndombele, Lobotka, Zielinski, Anguisa, Politano
Forwards : Kvarratsekhelia, Lozenano, Raspadori, Simeone

Zanoli, Zerbin, Gaetano, Idasiak

Presentation of the match

Here Rangers - Van Bronckhorst should build on a 4-2-3-1 formation with McLaughlin and with Tavernier, Goldson, Sands and Barisic ready to form the defensive block.

 In the mediator Camara and Lundstram. The only point is Kulak in front of attacking midfielders Wright, Tillman and Kent.

Here is Naples - take out the injured Osimhen. Spalletti will have to opt for the traditional 4-3-3 pattern, with Merritt between the defenders and the back four made up of the central pair.

 Rahmani-Kim, Di Lorenzo and Mario Roy on the sides. In the midfield are Anguise, Lobotka and Zelensky. An offensive trident formed by Lozano, Simeone and Kvaratschilia.

Rangers potential line-ups - Napoli

Rangers (4-2-3-1)  : McLaughlin; Tavernier, Goldson; Sands, Parisik; Camara, Lundstram; Wright, Tillman, Kent; Colac. Coach:  Van Bronckhorst.

Naples (4-3-3):  Merritt; DiLorenzo, Rahmani; Kim, Mario Roy; Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky; Lozano, Simeone, Kvaratskellia. Coach:  Spalletti.

Where to see the game on TV and live

The meeting is broadcast live on Channel 5 and on Sky channels 201 and 254; Broadcast (for Sky subscribers only) on SkyGo, a free downloadable app in addition to Mediaset Infinity and Now Tv.